AEQ provides nearly everything that you could be requiring with regards to the Audio equipment for your Radio or TV Broadcasting facilities.

AEQ provides products such as mixing consoles, automation and communication systems. We also provide a wide array of equipment and ancillary products that will simplify any installation and/or system integration.

Furthermore, AEQ has a unique track record and acquired know-how that becomes paramount when providing any services concerning system engineering, installations or turn-key projects.

In this section you will find all the AUDIO, VIDEO AND COMMUNCIATIONS FOR BROADCASTERS!

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The ConeXia intercom system, developed by AEQ and KROMA Telecom, represents a leap forward and a new concept in regards to intercom systems as it becomes a global audio solution.

Based on a KROMA intercom master and an AEQ audio matrix, ConeXia has the capacity of up to 1024 x 1024 cross-points and is based upon a modular system of audio I/O cards.

But what really makes ConeXia special is the possibility to integrate intercom and broadcast audio sources into the same matrix, with 48 KHz 24 bits sampling and a 100% redundant system.

ConeXia is also compatible with all KROMA intercom panels, and expands the interface options with KROMA (telephone, GSM) and AEQ (MADI, fiber optics, IP, etc.) cards.

Two worlds, a single system

One of new ConeXia system’s main advantages is the possibility of integrating broadcast and intercom audio into the same matrix. The intercom system is benefiting from the broadcast audio quality and performance:

  • 48 KHz – 24 bit sampling and processing

  • AES/EBU audio ports

  • 100% redundant matrix

  • Multichannel audio interfaces

  • Compatible with commentary unit

The fusion of both worlds allows you to integrate all the available audio sources and eliminates the need to manage two different and unrelated audio systems.


This high-performance digital intercom matrix provides broadcast-quality audio. Depending on the version, it can incorporate up to 168 x 168 ports. 128 of them can be AoIP featuring DANTE™ technology, compatible with AES 67 standard, which can easily be connected using existing Ethernet networks through conventional hubs and switches, and offering optional redundancy. It also has 12 analog ports, 8 digital ports, and 20 AoIP ports with KROMA Standard low bit-rate, enabling the connection of wireless intercoms, ancillary equipment and KROMA series 3000, 4000 and 5000 panels. It also includes a local port for headset and a speaker. In order to provide the system with additional analog and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, it can be used together with compatible DANTE™ systems from more than 200 different manufacturers (AEQ NetBox, among them).

Provided in versions from 40 to 168 ports, the CrossNET system will grow according to your needs through the installation of upgrade modules. All in a single height 19” rack unit. Optionally, the system can be fitted with a redundant power supply.


Xplorer is more than a beltpack, it’s an authentic wireless intercom user panel. Based on Wi-Fi technology, it is equipped with 4 shortcut keys user interface -arranged in pages-, another two programmable keys, and a multifunction screen. It can operate associated with an intercom matrix or as a Party-Line terminal.

How operates Xplorer?

Xplorer is a wireless intercom terminal based on WiFi technology. WiFi connectivity simplifies the installation, start-up and maintenance of the system as the Wireless technology, following the worldwide standards for implementation, allows the use of existing wireless networks to be used to service these terminals.

Using managed access points, the panel uses the "roaming" function, allowing the user to move freely throughout the coverage area.

The Xplorer can be part of a system based upon an intercom matrix or as a terminal for a Party-Line system without the need for a matrix.

When Xplorer work as a client for AEQ Crossnet, Conexia and TH5000 / TW5000 / IL5000 Intercom matrices, each key can activate any of the following commands: Talk, Listen, Talk & Listen, Remote One Way, Remote Both Ways, Remote Volume and Dial Call.

When connected to any of the Intercom Matrices mentioned, the Xplorer will coexist with 8000 series wired user panels, and also with terminals using the Xvirtual application on iOS and Windows operating systems, such as iPad, iPhone and PC.

Xplorer can also work in Party-Line mode, as a terminal for the Kroma E@synet system, with 4 channels and up to 28 devices, without the need for a central matrix.